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tradePlease see below a list of our cake ranges:

Jammy Dodger

7’’ £15, 9’’ £20 
Based on the classic Victoria, vanilla infused sponge with a strawberry and buttercream filling, with a decoration of piped buttercream and Jammy Dodgers. Also available with a colourful buttercream coating of your choice.

Millionaire Shortcake

7″ £15, 9″ £20

An indulgent toffee sponge, iced with vanilla buttercream and a centre of millionaire shortbread pieces. Topped with caramel ganache, millionaire shortbread, choc chips, chocolate shards and chocolate drizzle. A MUST for anyone with a sweet tooth!!!

Cookie Monster

7″ £15, 9″ £20

One of our favourites!!! A chocolate sponge with a blue vanilla buttercream middle, topped with chocolate buttercream, ganache and decorated with the signature Cookie Monster face blobs.

Lemon Meringue

7’’ £15, 9’’ £20
Vanilla flavoured sponge with a lemon curd centre. Coated and topped in buttercream with a decoration of crushed pie base, meringue and a lemon curd drizzle.

Brownie Mountain

7’’ £15, 9’’ £20

A chocolate sponge smothered with chocolate buttercream, a chocolate ganache drip and a mountain of brownie pieces

Rocky Road

7’’ £15, 9’’ £20

A chocolate sponge decorated with chocolate buttercream, a chocolate ganache drip, marshmallows, chopped glace cherries and chocolate chips.

Coffee and Walnut

7’’ £15, 9’’ £20

A coffee and walnut infused sponge with a coffee buttercream filling and topping as well as crushed nuts.

The Rolo

7’’ £15 , 9’’ £20

A chocolate sponge with a chocolate buttercream middle, smothered in vanilla buttercream and decorated with chocolate ganache, smashed rolos and caramel drizzle.


7’’ £15, 9’’ £20

A moist banana sponge filled and topped with a creamy buttercream and crushed banana pieces.


7’’ £15, 9’’ £20
A spice infused sponge complimented with sultanas and optional walnuts, dampened with soaked grated carrots and filled with Buttercream and topped with cinnamon sprinkle.

Chocolate Mint

7’’ £15, 9’’ £20

A chocolate sponge coated with a vibrant green minted buttercream and finished with a chocolate ganache drip, chocolate buttercream and After 8 mints.

Red Velvet

7’’ £15, 9’’ £20
An all American chocolate cake, bitter sweet sponge, all held together with a Vanilla buttercream centre and coating, decorated with a red chocolate ganache and cake crumb.


9’’ £25.00

A five layered vanilla sponge cake, with each tier being a different colour. Then coated in a vanilla buttercream with rainbow sprinkles garnished on top.


7’’ £15, 9’’ £20

A three layered sponge cake including the flavours of strawberry, chocolate and vanilla, coated with vanilla buttercream and topped with chocolate ganache drip, wafers, chocolate flakes and sprinkles


7’’ £15, 9’’ £20

A rich chocolate sponge with a vanilla butter cream and crushed Oreo filling covered with buttercream, melted chocolate ganache and crushed Oreos

Sticky Toffee Pudding Cake

7’’ £15, 9’’ £20

A toffee and date sponge, filled and covered with vanilla buttercream and finished with a toffee drip and a chocolate and nut decoration.


7’’ £15, 9’’ £20

A toffee flavoured sponge covered in a Biscoff infused buttercream and finished with a caramel drip, piped buttercream and biscoff pieces.

Strawberry Milkshake

7’’ £15, 9’’ £20
 A pink, strawberry flavoured sponge and decorated in a pink and white buttercream. With piped vanilla buttercream on top and finished with wafers.

Chocolate Orange

7’’ £15, 9’’ £20

A rich chocolate sponge centred and coated in chocolate buttercream, topped with a chocolate ganache and broken chocolate orange pieces.

Lemon Drizzle

7’’ £15, 9’’ £20

A moist lemon sponge smothered with a lemon syrup icing.

Black Forest Gateau

7’’ £15, 9’’ £20
A chocolate sponge with a filling of chocolate buttercream and cherries, topped and smothered in chocolate buttercream. Finished with a chocolate ganache, cherries, chocolate shavings and chocolate chips.

Victoria Sandwich

7’’ £15, 9’’ £20

A classic vanilla sponge filled with vanilla buttercream and strawberry jam. A sprinkle of icing sugar makes it complete.

Chocolate Sweet Shop

7″ £15, 9″ £20

A chocolate cake filled with a chocolate buttercream, topped with a chocolate ganache drip, a vanilla buttercream mountain and adorned with all your favourite sweets and chocolates!!