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All of our cupcakes are based on the large muffin size case but we do offer smaller petit four size cupcakes.

Each cupcake is adorned with flowers, sprinkles and iced decorations , but we can also customise each cake individually with company logos , names, etc.

If you are looking for something a little bit more formal then please ask us to produce a celebration box of mixed flavours with your choice of decorations. A must for any party and also it makes a great present.

Stand hire is available with a charge of £7.50 per 24 hours, a £20.00 refundable deposit is required.We offer free local delivery with all orders over £6.00

Payment can be made by cash, debit/credit card or cheques made payable to OUR HOUSE OF CUPCAKES


Cupcakes £1.50
Cupcakes ( Petit four size ) box of 12 £9.00


12 Portion layer cakes ( Vanilla or Chocolate ) 2 layer £20.00
12 Portion layer cakes ( Vanilla or Chocolate ) 3 layer £25.00
12 Portion giant cupcake From £28.00
Sweet Treats
Flapjacks £0.50
Scones £0.75
Millionaire shortbread £0.75


Round/square cake drums from £1.00
A range of coloured icing from £1.49
candles from £0.20
cake tins £2.99
wire racks £2.75
Rolling pins from £4.50
Pastry brushes £0.60
Measuring jugs £0.75
cake boxes from £0.45
cake pods from £0.45
mixing bowls from £1.25
cupcake stand £5.99
brownie fudge icing £3.29
500g meri-white meringue and royal icing mix £10.19
Cake dummys (variety of sizes) from £2.55
liquid glucose £1.90
cake release £4.50
Edible lustre spray (variety of colours) £5.99
Steel shaker £5.05
Cutters from £2.99
Rejuvenator spirit £1.75
Stencils from £3.80
Vanilla extract £2.20
Edible Lustre (variety of colours) £2.10
Cake Glaze £2.25
Edible Glue £2.65
Edible gold/silver stars and pink hearts £3.70
Edible glitter (variety of colours) £2.25
Baking cases (54 cases) £2.05
Oven Thermometer £5.78
Measuring spoons (set of 6) £3.11
Modelling foam mats £2.90
Food colouring (variety of colours) £1.75
Modelling paste (variety of colours) £4.95
Food colouring pen (variety of colours) £2.25
Piping bags (variety of sizes) from £2.06
Nozzles (variety of sizes) £2.56
Fondant smoother £5.50
Edible silk glitter (Variety of colours) £2.60
White almond marzipan £2.99
non-edible decorations from £0.50
gum arabic £3.35
Metallic food paint (variety of colours) £3.99
Sugar decorations (Variety) £2.70
Modelling tool set (8 tools) £21.45
Cake paint brushes from £1.72
NEW Union jack flags, rings and sugar strands. from £1.65