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New Birth / Baby Showers
What better way to celebrate a new arrival than with decorative booties , bears, prams and feeding bottles. Boxed and glittering they make the perfect congratulations.

Vanilla flavoured sponge butter iced and completed with a subtle decoration or flower

Kids Birthday
Chocolate or vanilla base coated with matching topping and sprinkled with sugar strands and a candle

Adults Birthday
Choice of flavours decorated for individuals or parties

Chocolate or vanilla sponge smothered in a loud cream and fiendish topper

Fathers Day
Chocolate or vanilla base swirled with icing and decorated with a sport of choice

Mothers Day
Delicate flavoured sponge decorated with buttercream and flowers held in a cup and saucer

Chocolate sponge smothered in a rich chocolate icing and flakes to form a nest which is filled with chocolate or jelly eggs with Easter chicks

Rum flavoured sponge with a swirl of liquer cream an a rich truffle to complete

Choice of sponge flavours topped with a choice of celebration flavours and decorated with edible flowers and stars

Please contact for details

Valentines Day
Choice of 4 flavoured sponges smothered in icing with edible decorations spelling out ”love”

Layered Cake
Extra deep sponge cake in 3 vintage flavours , chocolate fudge , lemon drizzle and jam and cream