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Vanilla Vanilla
So good we named it twice, a light and airy Bourbon vanilla bean infused sponge base, filled with a jammy centre and covered with our signature pink butter cream swirl and finished with a chunk of pure white chocolate.

Chocaholics Dream
A rich dark brownie like chocolate base covered with a thick chocolate fudge cream and topped with a choice of malteser, aero, dime bar, flake or dare you allow yourself to be revelled and risk the coffee. We are not finished there because we then drizzle the whole cake with the finest Belgium chocolate sauce.

Carrot Top
A lightly spiced carrot cake with or without fruit and walnuts topped with a cream cheese frosting and an iced carrot to decorate. A must for all of the finest dinner parties or for those who just want a bit of self indulgence.

Lemon Zest
A rich lemon cake made with the juice and zest of fresh lemons to give it that little bit extra zing, filled with lemon curd topped with a lemon flavoured butter cream and candy lemon wedges.

Our famous banana bread, a beautiful moist banana cake packed with ripened bananas and Madagascan vanilla, and swirled with a light chocolate icing and a sweet banana shape.

Coconut ice
A rich and moist coconut laden sponge made with a shot of pure coconut milk, and then covered with a coconut iced topping completed with a piece of Thorntons coconut ice.

One shot or two the choice is yours, an espresso flavoured sponge cake with a rich latte flavoured icing and crowned with chocolate coffee beans. Why not make it a cappuccino and ask us to use a cocolate topping instead.

Red Velvet
An southern American classic, a heavy red coloured chocolate flavoured sponge with a centre of cream cheese flavoured topping and optional pecan nuts.

Chocolate Truffle
A smooth dark chocolate flavoured base covered with a blend of 80% pure chocolate and double cream, wipped until it is light and fluffy, once it has been loaded onto the sponge we then add thick white chocolate scrapings and cover with Belgium chocolate truffle sauce.

Strawberries and cream
Vanilla and strawberry flavoured sponge ringed with a vanilla butter cream icing and filled with a fresh strawberry. One of your five a day?, a healthier option? who are you kidding!!